Updates and news for the special event stations supporting the restoration of Tesla's last lab, Wardenclyffe in Shoreham, NY! On November 5th, Wardenclyffe will be on the air as W3T. Tesla's last residence, the New Yorker Hotel will be on the air as N3Y via satellite. The Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia will be on the air as YU0TESLA. Several Colorado Springs stations will commemorate the Tesla lab there, (see below)! November 5th is also the 76th anniversary of the first FM transmission from W2XAG from Yonkers. W2XAG will be on the air from the Yonkers Police Athletic League club.

11/10/2011 W3T Interactive QSO map
11/9/2011 W3T on Dashtoons!
11/7/2011 Thanks to everyone who called in! Over 100 QSOs on a beautiful day at Wardenclyffe! Apologies to the folks we didn't hear in pileups. N3Y reported more than 60 QSOs via HF and 6 via satellite. Data still coming in from Colorado Springs! Working on QSO Cards.
11/4/2011 The stations in Colorado Springs will be: W0RAA, W0EM, WV7T, KG7UFO, W0PRS, W0RO, and KC0ELG.
11/3/2011 Wardenclyffe restoration effort and the amateur radio event were covered in Chip Design Magazine
11/2/2011 Colorado Springs home of Tesla's lab that served as a prototype for Wardenclyffe will be on the air! We hope they'll be special event station W0T. Stay tuned for updates.
11/1/2011 November 5th is also the 66th anniversary of the first FM transmission in 1935 from Yonkers, NY, by Carmen "Randy" Runyon W2XAG. The Yonkers PAL Amateur Radio Club will be transmitting a few blocks away from the original station using the same call W2XAG!
10/31/2011 Just In! The N3Y QSL card that will be sent to all contacts from the New Yorker! Designed by K1NSS of Dashtoons
10/30/2011 W3T headquarters are ready to go.
10/28/2011 Scoped out the New Yorker Hotel N3Y QTH on Friday! Took a tour of the sub-basement and saw all the awesome Tesla era tech!
Very cool QSL card for W3T designed by Jeff Murray K1NSS of DashToons
QSL card for YU0TESLA
QSL Stamp Drive
Frequency Information
W3T20 m
W3T40 m
W3T30 m
W3T17 m