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New Zealand Amateur Radio Examination Practice (Question pool published March, 2010)
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Thanks to Eric Dodge for his generous donation!

Using the Ham Radio Practice Exams
The practice exams are constructed from the published question pools that are used on the actual FCC ham radio license exams. Each practice test is randdomly constructed so you get a different practice exam each time.

You don't need to log-in to use the practice exams, but if you do you can track your exam score progress on the 'Scores' tab. You'll also find 'New Test Unseen' and 'New Test Unpassed' buttons there. If you're logged-in, the questions you haven't seen yet as well as the questions you have yet to answer correctly are tracked. These buttons create tests that contain questions you haven't seen or questions you haven't answered correctly

Several exam questions have associated help manual topics. Just click the 'Study Material' link on these questions.

You can take practice exams for each of the FCC amateur radio license classes, technician class, general class, and extra class, by clicking on the appropriate license class tab to the left of the test area. Ham radio practice exams are also included for Canada and New Zealand.

Find an exam in your area using ARRLs exam locator

New FCC Commercial Operator License Practice Exams
I'm starting to add free practice exams for the FCC GROL, (General Radiotelephone Operator License). Element 1, Element 3, Element 5 and Element 7 have already been added. Element 1 is required for your First Class Radiotelegraph Operator's Certificate, Second Class Radiotelegraph Operator's Certificate, Third Class Radiotelegraph Operator's Certificate, General Radiotelephone Operator License, Marine Radio Operator Permit, GMDSS Radio Operator's License, Restricted GMDSS Radio Operator's License, and your GMDSS Radio Maintainer's License. Element 3 is required for your General Radiotelephone Operator License, and your GMDSS Radio Maintainer's License. Element 5 is required for your First Class Radiotelegraph Operator's Certificate, Second Class Radiotelegraph Operator's Certificate, and Third Class Radiotelegraph Operator's Certificate. Element 7 is required for your GMDSS Radio Operator's License
If you're studying for the following commercial tickets, all the written element practice tests you need are here:
Third Class Radiotelegraph Operator's Certificate
General Radiotelephone Operator License
Marine Radio Operator Permit
GMDSS Radio Operator's License

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